Awesome!! You are the best, Melissa! The Duke boys love you!!!

— St. Louis, MO

I just wanted to thank you for your help today, there is no way that I could have navigated the system at BA like you did.
I know that it took over an hour to get it done, but I was so glad to have the assistance. Thanks for staying late and getting us through this.
I just wanted you to know that it is appreciated. Thanks so much!

— St. Louis, MO

My family and I are deeply grateful to you for making our Mom 's birthday one to remember for a lifetime. You went out of your way to make it special not just for Mom, but for all those she holds dear. All the work you put into the travel is appreciated. That level of very personal connection is best achieved through your efforts and you delivered in a powerful way.

Words cannot express our depth of gratitude for making a memorable celebration with family and friends in honor of our Mother.

May God continue to richly bless you in all that you do.

— St. Louis, Mo

Hi Melissa, I just wanted to drop you a note and say , "Thank You"! You made this process very seamless for us and it feels good to have the support of Gwin's alongside us.

— Clayton, MO

Hello Melissa, thank you sincerely for taking such great care of me during Friday Atlanta weather's odyssey.

I made it safely home Saturday afternoon.

Thank you for your customer service, your concern and your professionalism

I appreciate you and will not hesitate to recommend anyone to use your travel agency in the future.


Melissa is the BEST!!!!! I have a very "dependent on her" relationship and she never fails. She makes my job easier and I am ever so grateful for her. Thank you!!


It was such a pleasure to speak with you today Colleen W. Thank you so much for all your help, Silgan is lucky to work with such a great company (Gwins) and they are very lucky to have great people like you.
Have a wonderful day.


I'm writing to share kudos to Colleen Woods. Recently I was traveling home to Denver from Springfield, IL and realized when my outbound flight was delayed there were no connections out of O'Hare that night so would have to spend the night in Chicago. Colleen Woods was so helpful in assisting me get a hotel reservation at the O'Hare Hilton. Not only did she make the reservation but provided me her cell phone number to call or text if I was able to make my connecting flight so she could cancel the reservation for me. When I found out the delay was due to mechanical issues she called the Hilton and had my reservation changed so I could use the United voucher and provided me with the Hilton contact information. I was able to walk off the flight and go directly to the hotel. Avoiding lines at airline customer service and the taxi stand was wonderful. It's not the first time I've gotten stuck unexpectedly in a city overnight but this is the most pleasant experience I've had.

I want to make sure you are all aware of the exemplary customer service experience I received from Colleen. This is the best service I've received from Gwins.


"Barb is awesome and so accommodating! After many changes, to one reservation, the information is always accurate. She is always pleasant and a joy to work with."



Please let your supervisor know that you were absolutely awesome. Your customer service skills are impeccable. You were a wealth of information and a great help to me. I deeply appreciate it. Perfect example of what we are supposed to be like when asked for information.


"The personal touch of Gwin's Travel, in addition to online travel access gives Korte Construction the ability to handle travel no matter what time of day or how short of notice.


I must say I am extremely impressed with the caliber of customer assistance Gwin's Travel provides. I had an issue with a recent reservation and had to call in for assistance. I spoke with Don Fisher who not only helped to fix my current problem but answered every question I had about the services you provide.


Your staff is always so helpful to me.

I would also like to mention how Georgia and Teresa were so helpful to me the last 2 days.

You had referred me to Georgia to check on the Consolidate Fares for the two overseas travels I am working on. Even though we could not get the pricing down to where the folks wanted it, Georgia's knowledge of the system and the help she provided was so great.

Teresa was very helpful to me as well. Yesterday, because of the severe winter weather on the East Coast, I wanted to check on an applicant that was flying in and was not able to reach especially seeing 'Cancel' on the flights that was booked through Gwin's. Even though the resources were very slow yesterday, Teresa was able to help locate the information I needed. She even went 1 step further. She evidently had some questions for the airlines and also checked on the applicants schedule. She was able to get all the new flight schedules and the time that he was going to arrive along with his return schedule since the information was not sent to Gwin's. Her initiative of going above and beyond tracking down his information and then contacting me this morning was greatly appreciated.

Please make sure to Thank them both for all their help. I truly appreciate it.

Have a wonderful and warm week-end!


Thank you for all your hard work over the last few weeks in preparation for our big trip. The group had a great time and we all returned safely without incident. In particular, your support tracking flights and ensuring that our employees were provided with the best travel options was critical to the success of the event. Thanks to you, our employees were able to relax and enjoy their stay knowing that their travel was well managed. Please extend our thanks to the rest of the team as well.


Dear Rhonda,

Congratulations on the changes within Gwin's Travel and your new role.

I am writing to you to tell you that I very much value the services provided to me by Jason Staley, Gwin's Corporate Travel Online Support Specialist, who helps me in his role assisting ATS.

I am a sales person and travel often. I appreciate the high level changes made within your organization but must tell you the most important person to me is Jason. He is always there to help me with last minute travel and when I am tired and stressed and must figure out how to get to the next business meeting. He makes my life easier. He will never know the impact that he has on the quality of my work life.

Patty Lavelle

Thanks Kris for giving us your best today, you exceeded expectations in sharing your subject matter expertise, organization, bias for action, flexibility, and overall professionalism. I easily concluded that if anyone is indispensable, it's your fine self. You've given us everything we need to get the order, so here's looking forward to future collaboration.

Al Geismar

Thank you Phyllis. I am very pleased to be staying here. I am also very pleased to be working with you, Theresa and Phyllis. The service is second to none!



Fyi- Gwin's was excellent during a very dynamic airline situation today. I was able to rebook over the phone on a different airline at no cost w/o having to stand in line w/1000 of my closest friends in Detroit at the airline counter after Phily and Charlotte shutdown for weather. Five stars for today's performance; I like the website and the professionalism of staff. Good move.