Corporate Travel Technology

Concur Travel On-Line Booking Tool

Our corporate online booking solutions have been designed to address the needs of business travel offering Concur Travel’s (formerly Cliqbook) leading technology and user friendly application with our proven best in the business customer service. Gwin's Corporate Travel was the FIRST local travel management company to offer clients Concur Travel. As a Gwin's client, you will have access to four designated online site administrators right here in St. Louis. We believe that an online booking tool is only as good as the support that backs it up, and that is why we offer our clients FREE online support from our Online Support Center. We have partnered with Concur  to ensure that our clients have access to all the latest releases, and to ensure that any issues are resolved in a timely manner. This is just another Gwin's difference! We work with your company to customize a solution that will allow you to effectively manage your company's business travel program while allowing travelers to have access to a user-friendly end-to-end self-booking tool. Currently, Gwin's processes roughly half of all our transactions via our on-line tools. Many of our travel partners boast on-line adoptions rates exceeding 80%. This amount of on-line traction is directly due to Gwin's proactive training and support that makes even the novice traveler feel comfortable booking on-line. Unlike most agencies today, you don’t have to fit us! 

Post-booking Messaging Product

Gwin's Corporate Travel offers every traveler TripCase, a post-booking messaging product that provides traveler’s with one touch access to critical details about their trip, including an intelligent messaging service that monitors their trip and provides relevant alerts and notifications -- when and where they are needed. TripCase offers travelers real-time messaging of updates and relevant information, including security wait times, baggage claim information, check in locations, airport information, and more. TripCase will also notify any traveler of an event that might have occurred that will affect their travel plans.

TripCase can be accessed by any smart phone with Internet access. Access is performed during the implementation process.

Guaranteed Lowest Fares Available

Gwin's Corporate Travel employs one of the most robust fare search engines available today. BookingBuilder has the capability to scan over 87 airline and airfare sites, but for the sake of speed and practicality, Gwin's has limited our scraping window to 29 primary sites. Expedia, Orbitz, Kayak, Southwest Airlines and American Airlines are but a few of the sites we have access to. Since the beginning of 2007, we rarely find a fare lower than what we can access through Sabre (this is due to the most recent GDS contracts negotiated between the airlines and the GDS companies. The negative aspects of parity pricing are the Legacy fees airline now assess travelers). Many of the low Internet fares that are unearthed have severe restrictions, and have not always been “corporate travel” friendly. In April, 2011, we found one fare lower than what the GDS offered, and Gwin's was able to find it and - book it. The fare was $28 lower than the GDS rate.

Gwin's is so confident in our ability to offer the lowest fares that we put in all our Agreements that should a traveler ever find a lower fare than what Gwin's can offer (given the same search parameters), Gwin's will pay the difference in fares to the client. This has occurred once in six years.  In fact, we track and save anywhere from $20,000 to $30,000 a month in decreased fares for our travel partners. These are savings that are captured after the initial reservation has been made. Roughly three to five percent of our reservations are identified for lower fares closer to the departure date. Fares are monitored up until two hours prior to domestic departures and 24 hours prior to international departures.

Customized Corporate Management Reports

Gwin's Corporate Travel offers our travel partners our Vision Reporting System. Vision is driven by one of the most advanced and discerning reporting systems available. While many of the benefits of this system are outlined below, its number one advantage is its ability to identify and quantify savings associated with your travel budget. You have a choice of receiving accurate, timely management report information in the traditional manner as well as ad hoc reporting available through your Account Manager.

Vision provides fast, flexible custom reporting and allows graphing and graph types on the same report from multiple data sources. Pre and post trip data can be included on the same report, plus access to any ODBC compliant database such as T&E, on-line booking or internal accounting databases; Includes origin and destination reporting by trip or by market with over 58 million city-pair combinations with mileage and segment values.  Vision also includes graphical Executive Summaries offering a “30,000 foot view” of your company’s travel program. Data can be exported in multiple formats (spreadsheet, text file, etc.). Vision uses Sybase SQL Server System 11 with a travel industry standardized database.