Travel Risk Management

On average, 95 percent of travel program costs are spent with airlines, hotels, and car rental companies.

This is where Travel Risk Management plays a role. Today, many obstacles exist that inhibit clients from obtaining the maximum value from their travel management programs, including: distribution channels, airline solvency, leveraging traveler’s purchasing behaviors, and Internet travel options. The Gwin's approach makes certain that the daily tactical requirements of your travel program are being fulfilled, but ensures more focus, attention, and resources on strategic opportunities.

Travel Risk Management provides a customized approach by which Gwin's will assist your company in extracting the maximum economic value from its corporate travel program. The Travel Risk Management approach provides a customized package of services, capabilities, and outcomes, based on your unique business needs and objectives. This approach creates a blueprint of action steps at the traveler level, travel program level, and corporate level that will ensure maximizing your desired outcome.

We are not unlike a general contractor, who understands your needs and requirements and ensures appropriate resources are available to execute the company’s business plan. Account managers are your partners in defining and meeting your travel management goals and provide the company with a single link to every resource within Gwin's Corporate Travel. We equip our account managers with on-going customized training and strategies to ensure that they:

  • Are up to date with the latest travel industry news and trends
  • Have a detailed understanding of your company’s unique business requirements
  • Will create a detailed and customized business plan that aligns with your business goals and objectives
  • Ensures that your business plan includes a detailed action plan for each strategic initiative
  • Ensures that disciplined and agreed upon metrics and measurements are established to measure success against the company’s business plan 
  • Will mobilize the vast capabilities and resources throughout Gwin's Corporate Travel as necessary to meet business plan objectives
  • Continually monitors your business plan, and refines the action plans as necessary to ensures the business objectives are consistently being met