Ticketrak - Tracks Non-Refundable Tickets

Mismanaging unused, non-refundable airline tickets can have a dramatic impact to the bottom line of any travel program.

The benefit of an automated solution that identifies, tracks, reports and reuses these "cash assets" is invaluable in the cost management process. Fortunately, Gwin's has a simple solution for this labor-intensive process. 

TickeTrak is an automation process used to track and report unused, non-refundable tickets that are stored on file for potential re-use. In addition to tracking non-refundable tickets, TickeTrak provides reports on many different levels, which include:

  • Audit reports (ticket listings by name)
  • Summary Reports by Airline
  • Top 25 Travelers (by value of tickets on file)
  • Division and/or Cost Center Summary Reports

TickeTrak also generates and electronically transmits "ticket activity" letters to individual travelers whenever a ticket is about to expire. This timely process keeps unused, non-refundable tickets in the forefront so that travelers are constantly reminded of what tickets are available for future use or about to expire. 

In addition, Gwin's automatically prompts consultants to advise callers whenever there is possible use of a non-refundable ticket for a future trip. If usage is applicable, the consultant retrieves the non-refundable ticket, applies it to the transaction. TickeTrak is then automatically updated for future reference.

In 2010, TickeTrak allowed Gwin's to redeem 81% of our travel partner’s unused tickets. The industry average is 45%. The typical company loses between 5% and 7% of their annual air spend to unused tickets that are never applied. With TickeTrak, Gwin's can reduce that number to less than 2%.