In House After Hours Helpline

WBE Certified

Years ago, every travel company utilized a third party after hours service to support their clients with their after hours emergency needs. It was more economical, and honestly, the easiest option at the time.

However, we quickly realized that while we could guarantee our incredible service during business hours, we had no control over the person assisting our travel partners after that. The individual in the large call center never cared about the traveler the way our counselors did, and the one constant complaint we heard on traveler surveys and from our travel partners always centered on the poor service received by the third party call center. Given that fact, we decided in 2007 to pull our Emergency Help Desk back in-house. Serviced by Gwin's employees, we know what kind of service your travelers will receive. We staff our service with senior Gwin's Corporate Travel employees who have an average of over 20 years of experience with domestic and international reservations. More importantly, someone who truly cares about our travelers.

Travelers can call our Emergency Help Desk toll free within the U.S. Located in St. Louis with its central time zone has proven to be beneficial. Our unusually longer business hours of 8am to 6pm will provide a smaller window for travelers to reach the Emergency Help Desk, but should a need arise, the service your travelers will receive will be seamless. Placing a worried traveler at ease and helping them reach their destination is why we are here.

Documentation of all Emergency Help Desk transactions are provided in monthly management reports and financial reconciliation.

(Our After Hours Service is one of the areas where Gwin's has received many compliments from our travel partners such as law firms, architects, sports teams and  financial companies. Their experiences with third party call centers for emergency service were not favorable. We have many travelers, who have either e-mailed or called, complimenting and thanking us for the service we provided them when they really needed it. With Gwin's – YOU’RE NEVER ALONE!)