Guaranteed Lowest Fares Available

Gwin's Corporate Travel employs one of the most robust fare search engines available today.

BookingBuilder has the capability to scan over 87 airline and airfare sites, but for the sake of speed and practicality, Gwin's has limited our scraping window to 29 primary sites. Expedia, Orbitz, Kayak, Southwest Airlines and American Airlines are but a few of the sites we have access to. Since the beginning of 2007, we rarely find a fare lower than what we can access through Sabre (this is due to the most recent GDS contracts negotiated between the airlines and the GDS companies. The negative aspects of parity pricing are the Legacy fees airline now assess travelers). Many of the low Internet fares that are unearthed have severe restrictions, and have not always been “corporate travel” friendly. In April, 2011, we found one fare lower than what the GDS offered, and Gwin's was able to find it and - book it. The fare was $28 lower than the GDS rate.

Gwin's is so confident in our ability to offer the lowest fares that we put in all our Agreements that should a traveler ever find a lower fare than what Gwin's can offer (given the same search parameters), Gwin's will pay the difference in fares to the client. This has occurred once in six years.  In fact, we track and save anywhere from $20,000 to $30,000 a month in decreased fares for our travel partners. These are savings that are captured after the initial reservation has been made. Roughly three to five percent of our reservations are identified for lower fares closer to the departure date. Fares are monitored up until two hours prior to domestic departures and 24 hours prior to international departures.