A New and Better Alternative
for Corporate Travel

The processes, technology and people are in place. Gwin's Corporate Travel has joined forces with Acendas Travel.

Visit Acendas Travel

A top 50 travel company, Acendas Travel has offices in Kansas City (HQ), Minneapolis, St. Louis and Sioux Falls. Interested in learning more about the acquisition of Gwin's Travel and what this means for you? Watch this short video below as Acendas Travel Senior Vice President Joe Curtis shares why this merger will benefit your company and travelers.

Benefits for Your Company

Impact Analyzer

Is managed travel right for you? Is your current solution making the impact it should? In approximately 90 seconds you could begin to find out! We have developed this easy to use tool to give you the ability to do a quick self-check-up. You may not have a travel management partner currently and need to assess if it would be right for you to engage in the conversation, or you may simply need to see if your current travel management program is as healthy as it should be. The information you provide will be leveraged within a customized report.

Impact Analyzer